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Though the documents do not explicitly refer to collection of American conversations, GCHQ has no ability (nor stated wish) to exclude US or UK connections from the Optic Nerve program, making it a virtual certainty that such records were collected in enormous volumes. Americans may not spy on Americans, nor Britons on Britons — but of course, an American could spy on a Canadian.When those two governments share data with each other more readily than with their own citizens, the loophole becomes obvious.We really don't need to trace these bizarre statements back to real humans.And hey, it could save them some embarrassment too.

More than that, it is among the first pieces of direct evidence that substantive sharing of intelligence between Five Eyes countries could threaten privacy worldwide.Because of those who are lacking in brain-al region, we have been able to compile a lot of hilarious material.(Now if only these folks thought twice before included their headshot on their icon or filling out their profile information).Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.Between raising two children, being a housewife, and riding horses in her spare time, Instagrammer Summers Von Hesse still finds time to make an income of nearly ,000 per month. Yahoo Beauty." data-reactid="25"In November, Von Hesse began revealing more skin on her Instagram page.

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