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Mostly my attitude was “ #don’tcrossthestreams Another true story: Years ago colleague who was new in town messaged me once on OK Cupid and we went for a friendly coffee before we knew we’d be working together. Upon being “introduced” at work, we never mentioned or even hinted that we had met each other before in any other context. If your coworker has got overall good intentions and is also feeling awkward about what to do next like, “” and then block him. Blocks are often necessary to make a social site usable.Then, keep work conversations only about work and wait for the awkward levels to normalize.4-On Aug 1- Active fund raising has been underway for the project under the capable direction of Vicki Calu, former president of the Pearl K.Mc Gown Hookrafters Guild and aimed at creation of a memorial Library and Archives in the Museum.Amazingly -this committee is opening the MARKET PLACE without dependency on ANY stock purchases. they are offering for sale more than 50 beautiful hand-hooked NEW heritage replicas created from original 1892 rug art discoveries in Nova Scotia. Fifty percent of funds realized from the sale of these replications will be placed in a reserve acquisition fund which will permit 50 more rug hooking jobs to be assigned to rural based rug hookers. 3- On July 1-The completion of Stage One is anticipated by July 1, and this will permit the Museum to open its first major exhibit showing which will feature the Noah’s Ark exhibit, an amazing collection of some 120 hand-hooked animals displayed on a six foot long replica of the ARK which has been donated to the Museum Society by the late Mary Sheppard Burton an icon of United states rug hooking and her colleague Leonard Feenan, as a major gift from the United States..

” Someone revealing kinks or more explicit sexual content or desires just got ignored and in some cases insta-blocked more so that I wouldn’t make THEM uncomfortable or feel like they were being monitored.

Dude, if you realized that, why did you message me anyway and tell me that?

I felt like ignoring him might make things weird at work, so I just messaged back noncommittally (like, “Ha, look who it is”), hoping I could move the conversation to peter out without making it awkward.

However, things got awkward anyway, because coworker continued sending messages despite my polite attempts to disengage (“[Cool, unsolicited weekend plan you shared] sounds fun. ” …and then he’d send another message trying to continue the conversation.) I read and did not respond to the last message.

I’m sure I should communicate that I feel uncomfortable chatting with a coworker on a dating site, so do you have any scripts for that?

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