Tv lie detector test dating

Polygraph examinations often include a procedure called a "stimulation test," which is a demonstration of the instrument's accuracy in detecting deception.

But, as psychologist Leonard Saxe, Ph D, (1991) has argued, the idea that we can detect a person's veracity by monitoring psychophysiological changes is more myth than reality.

A typical examination includes a pretest phase during which the technique is explained and each test question reviewed.

The pretest interview is designed to ensure that subjects understand the questions and to induce a subject's concern about being deceptive.

Oh and btw I didn't put my thumbs on it at all.

Waste of time but kinda fun to shake and make the line go really high. I laid it flat and pressed show result and it said 66% truthful and then I shook it a lot and it said 1% truthful!!!!!

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