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"A special blessing," they said, a sgule, a royal blessing. She was born Rukhl, the brilliant daughter of a penniless shlimazl cobbler. And after the shouting was done, my grandmother became opaque to him, thawing like absence over timber, buried under Siberia, gone. I keep a small bag with basics under my bed at all times, just in case. They dig deep--to bury the foundations, she says, so strong under the snow they will persist even when the Earth sheds all water, that great thaw that will make past pain run in rivulets and be absorbed into the newly pliant Earth.

She edits Stone Telling, a magazine of boundary-crossing poetry.

In fact 2 stood permanently outside the hotel lobby toilets and seemed to pop in every 10 mins to clean! Breakfasts especialy good, I noticed that other reviews mention that food dwindles towards the end of the eating period but this wasnt the case when we went in May so it may be different in peak season, or perhaps they have improved on this after reading the reviews.

One thing is very evident with this hotel and resort and that is a great deal of thought and planning and also pride has gone into developing a truly wonderful holiday village.

He accompanied us on the 50 minute transfer to the hotel.

He told us a little about Bulgaria and the complex during the journey with humour and knowledge.

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