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Can my landlord prohibit me from growing or possessing cannabis in my apartment? Landlords may prohibit cannabis consumption and cultivation on their property. Riding your bike under the influence of intoxicants remains illegal.

Extracts are a concentrated form of marijuana, such as butane hash oil. One ounce would also yield 57 modest half-gram joints. A: At home, at your friend's house or another private place. "It's a productive way to talk to your neighbor," he said.If you live alone and harvest four plants at the same time, you may end up going over the 8-ounce possession limit. Something else to consider: "If you are by yourself, why are you growing four plants? Can I be charged with a crime if I go over the possession limit? Even with changes to the law, it's still possible to be charged with a crime for marijuana possession. Probation agreements typically require people to comply with all laws.If you've got roommates, you may not have to worry since you can spread the usable marijuana across each member of the household. Possession of more than 8 ounces but not more than 16 ounces is a class B violation, a non-criminal violation equivalent to a traffic ticket. Johnson said that's been interpreted to include federal laws, which consider marijuana to be illegal.Can we grow an additional four plants under the new law?A: We got different answers to this question from legal experts.

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