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Since the name Florabelle is not so much of a common name, I ask this.My gaunts' name is Florabelle Garrell,born about 1923-27.Peggy Johnson I am trying to find the parents of my GGGrandmother ELIZABETH JANE WILKINSON, b.

Many thanks in advance Duane duane morris I found a Florabelle Garrell md.

They may have had a son George born in Bitterley, Knowbury UK.

I am desperate to trace Joshua back to the British Isles.

Children of Aaron Wilkinson and Mary Margaret Hargreaves are: 1 Mary Wilkinson born 6.4.1788 Newchurch in Pendle 2 Ann Wilkinson born Newchurch in Pendle 3 Sally Wilkinson born Newchurch in Pendle 4 James Wilkinson born in Padiham, Burnley 5 Aaron Wilkinson born 20.2.1799 in Padiham, Burnley 6 Martha Wilkinson born in Padhiham, Burnley Mally Wilkinson (parents Aaron Wilkinson and Mary Haughton) was born February 1766 in Newchurn in Pendle.

Lynn Lynn Please write:- Priscilla Brown, 3805 14th Ave., SE., Apt.

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