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Even as friends, we found out new things about each other. Out of , for two years between filming, we haven't been girlfriend and boyfriend but I was close with her.So it was nice, but it was different."Were there any exes in particular that you were really dreading? If she came in, I'd f**king go berserk."Charlotte: "For me, I banned my ex Mitch. She is a bit of a bitch."Gary: "She would have an argument with the girls behind her, like a kind of thing."Charlotte: "I don't like anyone like that.The affair was about them, the healing is about YOU.Healing YOU, restoring your belief and peace to YOU!

It was nice - it wasn't awkward, there wasn't arguing.'"Charlotte: "I was in Ibiza and I had to leave early to go to Marbella and I was like, 'Oh God, I'm still drunk! "Did things ever get so bad on the show that you thought about leaving? ' I understand the fact that she wanted to meet someone and it is hard on the show when you've got someone who you really care about, but then I thought to myself, 'You're so young'.' It was awful."Gary: "There were eight foot waves! Charlotte: "No, I didn't ever think about leaving - not after doing . So to go with Rogan - he's such a nice lad, he's so canny, it really eased us into it. She wasn't old, she was still young, and I thought, 'Why would I ever give up the opportunity to make amazing memories, travel round the world and be involved in such a massive thing when I'm 24 years old? Move in a house, pay rent, get married and have a baby?Gary: "I actually said, 'I'll do the show but there's one ex that's not allowed to come in'. But that was my boyfriend, who I was with for a year and a bit. She had a vendetta."Gary: "She bumped into one of the lads and she said he pushed her down the stairs.Because if I saw her with anyone else I would kick off. I couldn't have breakfast - if I'd seen her necking off with a lad, I would be fuming."Charlotte: "There's still something there with her."Gary: "There's not, I'd just get angry. Who I went official with."Gary: "I was seeing mine for two years! There were certain people who you can't have, who were banned who we had a thing with. She went and got four of the girls, told them first, and they all came down and kicked off at him for pushing her down the stairs.

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