Dlinkddns not updating

Also be aware of:»forums.dlink.com/index.p ··· =60138.0If you can find out anything, let me know, maybe we can work out something...

Yes, I know about that -- I posted a heads-up in this forum regarding Dyn's new policy back in July: »[Info] Dyn-Dlinkddns new policy?

Forced update interval is not working when using custom DDNS option.

All works fine when I reboot router or press Apply settings, router will do update to server ok. Server will lost my DNS name after seven days if I don't reboot router or press apply within seven days after last update.

INADYN: IP: Error 0x83 in recv() W: DYNDNS: Error 'RC_IP_RECV_ERROR' (0x15) when talking to IP server W:'RC_IP_RECV_ERROR' (0x15) updating the IPs. and Custom "payed" Now also I get RC_IP_RECV_ERROR with both of my routers when them are trying to do forced update.

I tries to check it myself but code was too complicated for me.

This appears to be an exclusive deal between Dyn and D-link -- the standard Dyn DNS clients don't support this, and I have seen no other router based DDNS client that supports this.

However, I have found that with Comcast's DHCPv6-PD IPv6 implementation, that neither the DDNS client nor IPv6 firewall rules get the PD-Prefix portion of the IPv6 addresses updated automatically when the ISP changes the PD-Prefix (but the DIR655's PD-Prefix used for its LAN does update properly).

hey hi Friends and Expertsi have Dlink DSL 2750u Router for MTNl Connection and Hikvision DVR for CCTV Cameras i want to View my Cameras on Iphone Remotely where ever i will be i have DDNS which is of Trial Version for 14 Days from dlink m expecting Help from you experts to Setup up my camera to view on my iphone i can view camera locally.

the camera ip is router ip is i have internet connection which gives me dynamin IP i m expecting Help from you experts to Setup up my camera to view on my iphone Wan (outside lan)plz helpi did that bro thanks for the help but right now i got stuck in to port forwarding my camera port is 8000 http port is 80 what else u require to run camera online ??? v=tg8w Ez JOf9o Thanks English I never knew what RTSP stood for, now I know its kinda helpful.

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