Dating someone with brain injury

I had flown there to stay with my sister and her husband, who was stationed in the area.As we three made our journey to Fresno Airport for my departure, the craziest thing happened.Although he still has trouble with words, he's back to doing what he loves most: riding his bike.Before he got back into cycling, I taught him how to cook again.I was sprinting down the tarmac to catch my plane, the captain and a flight attendant waving me to hurry up.But then I stopped running, as though I slammed into an invisible wall.He began showering me with praise, and out of the blue, asked me to marry him.

He's NOT the man I married, and he doesn't love me like he used to because, well, he doesn't remember that he did love me once. I hung pictures and notes all over his hospital room to make sure he wasn't just a patient, but a person.A father of three, a cyclist and my loving husband. He's had to relearn everything after his brain injury, and he says and does terrible things. But sometimes, who or what we love can change what the overall experience of love is like.I thought all love was the same that was until I began loving someone with a Traumatic Brain Injury. We are two years apart but seven years ago something much bigger than age began to separate us. It started just like another typical Monday for our family but it ended much differently.

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