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La culpa llevará a Regina a esforzarse por impedir que David cruce esa línea.Evil Charming Tired of feeling heartbroken after Robin's death, Regina takes a Forgetting Potion to eradicate all memories of her True Love.David is forced to help Regina and they are mistaken for a married couple... Emma, Henry, and Regina visit for a birthday and meet a man Regina was supposed to love - or was she? Henry is thinking about a journal of Regina's that he found. For EC Week 2017 Day 2: "Regina's diaries from the Leopold years surface." Set sometime after Neverland.(No copyright infringement intended.)David is thinking about dating. During the Missing Year, Hook doesn't leave right away, and instead stays at the castle with the Charmings and Regina.He and Regina discover they have a little more in common than they thought, and find a way together to cope with their feelings.

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Soon the situation gets really bad, but can they figure out what is going on in time? Regina is torn between her love for Emma and giving the Dark Fairy a second chance. Historia basada en las escenas entre García y Alvez en los capítulos 13X06 y 13X07, Luke, Penelope, y un montón de Roxy, porque hay que reconocer que si ellos son adorables juntos, Roxy también lo es! Regina must face the reality of the choice she and David made at Christmas during the missing year. El destino hará que lea el fic de Lana y le envíe un PM... Full of rage and sorrow, she navigates her new life as Queen with a King that had no interest in marrying her either. Everyone has returned from the Underworld in one piece, more or less, and Storybrooke is attempting to settle into a new normal. Maybe a getaway with her family is just what she needs.This is the beginning of a pairing that I have recently been getting the nerve up to attempt writing .Thanks dustytiger again Luke learns about the so called "secret Santa" game, his team will be doing. /There will be fragments of Songlyrics in it, you best read this Story while hearing the songs - read the Authornote for more Information./García se disculpó con todos tras el capitulo 13X05, y organizó una fiesta, pero un perfilador latino sabía muy bien leer tras su fachada y se dio cuenta de que Penelope, no estaba bien. She had been ignored by her Chocolate Adonis for weeks now, and if there was one thing that Derek Morgan should be afraid of? That's why I don't want you to go." He finally approaches you and folds you into his arms but you fight him. I'm not oblivious to how smart and radiant you are.Emma and Regina are both leaving New York on Christmas morning to fly home to Seattle. It's not often that Penelope Garcia finds herself in the field, but for the entire month of August, she has to live with Luke in Tempe, Arizona in order to catch an Un Sub.Emma, leaving her past behind to start anew and Regina, leaving her family for some peace and quiet. Pretending to be married to the man is easy, but trying not to fall in love with him is proving to be harder than she thought.

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