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To press the argument further, rituals could also enable diviners to distinguish an otherwise ordinary sight as a sign sent in reply to a ritually posed question. Mild prompting by a deity merely influences movement or behavior.

Contingent on this is the additional modern distinction between procedures characterized by consultation, ritual, and inquiry on the one hand,4 and prophecy and oneiromancy on the other hand, which are described as "intuitive," "direct," or "inspired."5 According to this paradigm, the unrestricted deities freely dispose their decisions outside the limitations of any carefully structured human request.

A diviner's manual on extispicy implies this procedure: "(If) your first extispicy is favorable, (but) in the check of it there is one niph u, it is unfavorable."15 Another text dating to the reign of Sennacherib explicitly states that several extispices were taken and their answers tallied to reveal the deity's disposition toward the proposed project.16The other strategy that mixed divination techniques is attested at Mari.

Letter A 222 in the royal archives tells how the dream of a woman named Ayala was substantiated through the observation of a particular type of "bird." Lines 15-17 state, "by the h urru-'bird' I have examined this matter and she (Ayala) could see."17 At the same time it is interesting to note that two other Mari letters suggest that prophetic and oneiromantic activities could be validated with other methods, possibly extispicy. "22 Once the opening words conclude, the diviner knows that the next shooting star he or she sees is the one sent by that particular deity in response to the inquiry. Divination and Divine Activity When the rudimentary axiom that the heavenly realm could declare itself by affecting the physical universe is broken down further, we learn that succesful divination depends on a model composed of three intrinsic components: (1) material manipulation by the deity, (2) the sign produced from such heavenly maneuvering, and (3) the interpretation of the sign.1. Let us begin by examining the first characteristic of divination, material manipulation by a divinity.

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