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Bland dessa finns vår Guest of Honour Grammyvinnaren Dianne Reeves. Martin Martinsson VD, Musik i Syd Thomas Lantz Ordförande Ystad Sweden Jazz För första gången framträder Ystad Sweden Jazz egna jazzgrupp, Worlds Around.Gruppen har, i samarbete med Jan Lundgren, plockats samman av bandledaren och saxofonisten Tineke Postma.The festival will present the first performance by Ystad Sweden Jazz s own jazz group, Worlds Around.The group has been picked in cooperation with Jan Lundgren, by bandleader and saxophonist Tineke Postma.Antalet platser är begränsade på många scener, varför vi rekommenderar förköp.

We hope, of course, that you will appreciate the group and that they will be a big success. You can look forward to spending many hours in beautiful, historic surroundings enjoying jazz of high quality, and you will meet our friendly volunteers, who are there to help you and can give you tips on where to eat and shop between concerts.

Lustkort Innehavare av Lustkort får köpa max 2 biljetter/konsert.

Jazzkort Med Jazzkortet erhålls 25 % rabatt på en biljett till varje konsert utom till Jazz Kidz.

Lördag 1 augusti / Saturday 1 August Hos Morten Café Frukostjazz / Breakfast jazz Jonathan Dafgård Trio Guitar Jazz Per Helsas gård Bobby Medina s Latin American Jazz Experience Between Worlds Ystad Saltsjöbad Bossa Negra featuring Hamilton de Holanda & Diogo Nogueira Marsvinsholms Teatern Jazz Kidz Rymdjazz med Pax och Monday Night Big Band Continental du Sud Nicole Johänntgen Sofia Project Ystads Teater Marius Neset Pinball Scala Sharón Clark meets Mattias Nilsson Ystads Teater Jan Lundgren invites Karin Krog, Harry Allen, Jacob Fischer, Hans Backenroth, Kristian Leth 100 Years with Billie Holiday Ystads Teater Dhafer Youssef Birds Requiem Bryggeriet Jam session: Sven Erik Lundeqvist Trio 14 Söndag 2 augusti / Sunday 2 August Per Helsas gård Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra Ystad Saltsjöbad Lars Danielsson Group featuring Mathias Eick Liberetto Hos Morten Café Viktoria Tolstoy & Mattias Svensson Special Duo Ystads Teater Ewan Svensson New Project featuring Diana Torto, John Taylor, Mads Vinding, Anders Kjellberg Hos Morten Café Viktoria Tolstoy & Mattias Svensson Special Duo Ystads Teater Robert Glasper Trio Ystads Teater Kenny Barron and Dave Holland The Art of Conversation Tickets Buy tickets via: Ystad Tourist Office, -, Sat-Sun tel During the festival days, tickets can also be purchased at Ystads Teater box office: Wednesday , Thursday Friday , Saturday and Sunday and Remaining tickets are sold before the concert starts at the respective venues.

The number of seats is limited at some venues, so buying tickets in advance is recommended.

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